Production Seals and Gaskets

Seals / Gaskets :  CNC manufacturing of hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals

Production of hydraulic seal / gasket,  but also pneumatic seal / gasket , is an important field in our Mecano Hidraulica S.r.l. activity and which needs special attention. The manufacture of hydraulic seals by our company Mecano Hidraulica S.r.l.  is done using CNC equipment . This complex CNC equipment  , is made by Seal Maker Austria. The software for hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals production , is constantly updated by Seal Maker Austria . In fact Seal Maker is also the manufacturer of semi-finished products that are delivered to us in the form of tubes and bars made of polyurethane, elastomer and plastic. The production of hydraulic seal and pneumatic seal is done by using these high quality semi-finished products, imported by ourselves, directly from Seal Maker Austria.

Seal Maker- Austria is our only supplier. Why  ? – because  the  Mecano Hidraulica  staff appreciates first of all the quality. Moreover, gaskets made of polyurethane, a material produced by Seal Maker Austria, are particularly notable for their outstanding quality and long life in many applications, compared to other manufacturers of seals and semi-finished products for applications in hydraulics and pneumatics.

The production of high quality semi-finished materials, in the form of tubes and bars, for the production of gaskets on CNC lathes, is a core competency of Seal Maker Austria. The modern manufacturing technology of Seal Maker – Austria, offers an optimal coverage of a wide range of applications for sealing elements, in different fields of activity, such as:

Production of hydraulic equipment, Food processing equipment, Hydropower, Cement industry, Tire manufacturing equipment , Mining.

Depending on the application, we can offer seals / gaskets ,  made of materials that meet certain norms requested by the beneficiary, such as:

EU 1935/2004; FDA – USA; 3A – Sanitary standards; DVGW (Germany), but also for areas where SVHC certification is required

The software incorporated in the memory of the CNC equipment, with which we produce the gaskets , includes a range of over 150 possible seals profiles and which can be manufactured to the diameters requested by the beneficiary.


The development, production and marketing of high quality semi-finished products, in the form of bars and tubes, for the production of gaskets, is an integral part of Seal Maker’s core competency. The semi-finished bars, each of them are checked several times before shipment. That is why the hydraulic gaskets / seals , or the pneumatic gaskets / seals, produced by Mecano Hidraulica, have an impeccable quality, and are made to extremely precise dimensions, depending on the application indicated by the beneficiary. This fact ensures for us, a very good collaboration with the companies that provide hydraulic equipment repair services , but also with the independent gasket distributors.

In addition to the wide range of standard sizes, we can supply special sizes in short delivery times, including for applications where FDA – US material certification is required.

Types of materials: PU | NBR | EPDM | FPM | TFE / P | SILICONE | POM | PA | PTFE | PEEK | and other

Currently , 40 different materials are available. In addition to a wide range of standard sizes, customized products are also available in the full range of materials, and can be delivered in a short time.

Polyurethane Bars / Tubes.

Polyurethane materials have already gained great importance in the technology of manufacturing sealing elements. Polyurethane has a dominant market share in the sector of hydraulic rod seals and hydraulic piston seals.

Seal Maker’s semi-finished products, made of polyurethane, stand out due to their high quality. In the vast majority of applications, hydraulic seals / gaskets or pneumatic seals / gaskets , made of polyurethane Seal Maker, far exceed the service life of seals made with materials from other manufacturers.

Unlike products  , which are thermoplastic processed, semi-finished polyurethane bars, made by Seal Maker, have the highest level of freedom to develop their physical properties during polymerization. During the polymerization process, Seal Maker technology avoids any possible negative influence, caused by heating, or plastic deformation.

 The polyurethane semi-finished products, manufactured by Seal Maker Austria, and which Mecano Hidraulica Srl supplies directly, stand out especially due to the high quality material, and have an extended service life, compared to other manufacturers of gaskets and semi-finished products.

Bars / Tubes elastomers, or rubber materials, which have an extremely wide range of durability / thermal and chemical resistance – and are indispensable in the sealing technique. Elastomers, also referred to as rubber materials, are a reasonable addition to the product range.

Although they have been widely removed from many applications by modern polyurethanes, elastomer products remain important in the technology of hydraulic seals / gaskets , and pneumatic seals / gaskets , due to the broad spectrum of thermal and chemical resistance.

Seal Maker works exclusively with rubber compounds, imported from internationally recognized manufacturers.

Mecano Hidraulica Srl, produces daily a wide range of hydraulic gaskets, of a very good quality and of different dimensions.


Plastic semi-finished products Bars / Tubes . Hard and fluorinated elastic thermoplastics, ie thermoplastic materials, such as those used in the manufacture of fastening and guide rings, as well as special and pre-loading gaskets, complete the range of semi-finished products of Seal Maker. Examples of thermoplastic polymers are: acrylic, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, nylon, Polybenzimidazole (PBI) , polycarbonate, polyethylene, etc.

POM | PA | PTFE | PEEK | UHMW-PE | in various compositions


With the U505-P79, Seal Maker presents its first polyurethane material, with a hardness below 80 shore, which offers outstanding results in terms of surface quality, even using standard processing parameters. The material combines the positive properties of elastomers with the advantages of polyurethanes, and is characterized by high flexibility in terms of the range of possible applications. Because the 505 material is a member of the polyurethane family, it offers typical advantages such as excellent mechanical properties, outstanding abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, as well as excellent sealing properties in the low pressure range. Housing / surface irregularities can also be perfectly balanced with this innovative material. There is almost no diameter limit when the new PU505 is used as a preload (instead of NBR).